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Empowering Your Business with Over 15 Years of Expertise in Accounting, BI, BPR, and ERP Solutions.


Who we are

we are proud to have over 15 years of experience collaborating with international and domestic companies across various industries. We specialize in accounting, auditing, integrated software implementation, managerial accounting and reporting, anomaly detection, process optimization, taxation, and everything a business needs for its development and sustainable progress.
At DAAD Solutions, we firmly believe that our creativity and up-to-date knowledge can provide you with transparency and agility. We aim to continually enhance your organization's productivity.
We are honored to serve as business partners with System Associates in the field of sales and deployment of cloud solutions, offering cost-effective, secure, and flexible solutions for your business growth.
Our Goals

Our main drive

Our goal at DAAD Financial and Cloud Business Solutions is to help reduce costs, increase productivity, streamline processes, and promote sustainable growth. We achieve this by offering cost-effective, secure, and flexible solutions. Our aim is to contribute to economic prosperity and the well-being of our beloved country, Iran.

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ERP - Accounting Software, #8 Attar St., Vali-e-Asr Ave., Vanak Sq., Tehran, Iran. Postal Code : 19946-3515

Systemgroup, established in 1987 with a capital of 120,000 Toman by a trio consisting of Mahmoud Nazari, Shahryar Rahimi, and Homayoun Hariri, embarked on their journey to streamline organizational processes from the very beginning. They introduced the use of computers and software to Iranian businesses, offering practical software solutions. Today, Colleagues System stands as the largest private sector software company in the country. They provide intelligent software solutions to businesses of all sizes (large, medium, and small enterprises) across various industries, assisting them in advancing and accelerating their business growth.

A Word From

The CEO:

Throughout my career, which has primarily been with large international companies such as UNILEVER, and my simultaneous pursuit of academic and professional studies in international accounting, I have consistently observed a harsh reality. Many businesses, due to their lack of access and familiarity with up-to-date financial processes, regulations, and the absence of effective internal control systems, find themselves in a deadlock. They often end up facing various financial and insurance crimes, administrative corruption, resource wastage, lack of reliable information for managerial decision-making, and the absence of comparative data for analyzing the past and predicting the future.


On the other hand, achieving the high goals I mentioned earlier requires substantial investment and significant recruitment costs. In most cases, companies are unable to afford these expenses. Additionally, candidates with valuable work experiences in large companies tend to prefer staying within the same spectrum of corporations to build more attractive resumes for their future.


As a result, the idea of providing internationally quality services and personalized solutions in the field of accounting, process optimization, and the principled implementation of integrated software at a cost commensurate with the various sizes and capabilities of different entities has become a reality. To this day, DAAD Solutions is proud to offer its top-notch services, assisting in the sustainable growth of organizations and being a perennial companion in the optimal utilization of their available resources.

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We are thrilled that we can share our customer's satisfaction. each project has it's unique story that we will learn and adopt from it.

We are professional and reliable provider since we offer customers the best financial service

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