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  • Make
    Your Descisions
    We help organizations build their data estate and enable them
    to make data-driven decisions
  • Business Process
    And workflow
    We optimize, redesign and integrate your business
    process to improve your company's efficiency
what we’re offering

Help us to help you make your business data-driven

Accounting and Financial Management

Accounting and Financial Management

We provide efficient financial solutions for small to large sized businesses, ensuring organized, up-to-date accounting while you focus on key business areas.
Accounting Software and Cloud Services

Accounting Software and Cloud Services

We guide businesses in choosing and integrating the best accounting software and cloud solutions, tailored to streamline their financial management and decision-making processes.
Business Intelligence  (BI) And Data Platforms

Business Intelligence (BI) And Data Platforms

We enhance BI and Data Platforms by efficiently collecting, nurturing, and analyzing your financial data, offering an integrated solution for smarter business insights.
Expertise in Finance, Tax, and Business Strategy Consulting

Expertise in Finance, Tax, and Business Strategy Consulting

Expert consultations in financial management, business development, tax strategies, and business process design, providing tailored solutions to optimize efficiency and drive growth.
4 Steps

To perfection

Contact us to set up a meeting where we discuss your specific needs and objectives in finance, tax, and business development.

Based on our initial consultation, we craft a tailored strategy to address your specific business challenges and goals.


We outline a clear implementation plan for the chosen solutions, ensuring seamless integration into your existing processes.

Once implementation is complete, we provide ongoing support and regular reviews to optimize the solutions and adapt to any changing business needs.

Let us start the journey together right way

Let us start the journey together right way

Contact us right now and start your consultation right away



Years of experience

About our founder

Mohammad Vahidnia

Mohammad Vahidnia is a seasoned ERP implementor and a certified accountant, spearheading DAAD Solutions. His expertise lies in driving digital transformation and business development across various industries. With over fifteen years of experience, I specialize in crafting and executing digital finance strategies, offering comprehensive services from tax and accounting advisory to advanced BI Dashboard design and development.

  • Business and Financial management
  • Digital transformation expert
  • Business intelligence expert
  • Consultation for medium business and enterprises
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Experience the quality and impact of our accounting and business intelligence solutions through the words of our clients. At DAAD Solutions, client satisfaction speaks volumes about our dedication to excellence and bespoke service.

We are professional and reliable provider since we offer customers the best financial service

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