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Project Overview


As the leader of DAAD Solutions, I am excited to share our successful collaboration with Danieli®, a leading Italian company in the steel industry. Our project focused on payroll services, including software implementation, monthly calculations, payment lists, tax and SSO submissions, and global reporting to the headquarters via an online BI platform.
Key Achievements:
Payroll System Implementation & Headcount Database:
We have successfully implemented a payroll system in line with a unified database for the HR department and electronic pay slips.
Payroll Outsourcing Services:
Our payroll team calculates monthly salaries and prepares and submits required templates for Tax, SSO, and Bank. Additionally, they are accountable to external auditors.
BI Services:
We have deployed a BI platform to automatically generate global reports every month instead of manual work in Excel files.
Modules Implemented:
Payroll & General Ledger (GL)
Project Impact:
This project with Danieli® is an example of DAAD Solutions' commitment to providing high-quality payroll services. It has led to the minimization of headcounts in the HR department and has resulted in high accuracy and confidentiality.

Skills: Payroll Processing · Payroll Services · Business Intelligence (BI)

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