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Project Overview


As the Managing Director of DAAD Solutions, I am excited to share our successful collaboration with Hostiran Co., a leading provider of hosting and cloud services. Our project focused on consulting and being a project leader from the Hostiran Side for implementing a comprehensive ERP solution with the Hamkaran System, seamlessly integrating it with their website via API. This strategic initiative demonstrates our expertise in delivering advanced ERP solutions in the tech industry.
Key Achievements:
ERP System Implementation: We have successfully unified Hostiran's operations by implementing an advanced ERP system. This integration has significantly enhanced internal communication and operational efficiency.
Chart of Account Restructuring: covering all company transactions based on IFRS.
Website-ERP Integration via API: A key feature of our project was the seamless integration of Hostiran's website with the ERP system through API. This integration ensures that all payment and sales transactions are automatically logged into the accounting software, providing real-time financial data.
Automated Transaction Logging: Our solution automates the logging of all sales and payment transactions, offering a precise and efficient approach to financial management.
Streamlined Accounting Process: We developed a system that significantly improves the accuracy and efficiency of Hostiran's accounting practices, ensuring every transaction is tracked and reported correctly.
Modules Implemented:
Payroll, General Ledger (GL), Web services, Treasury
Project Impact:
This project with Hostiran stands as a shining example of DAAD Solutions' commitment to providing customized ERP solutions that not only streamline current operations but also support future growth and technological advancement. Leading Hostiran's ERP implementation project has been a remarkable experience, showcasing our ability to adapt and deliver in the dynamic tech sector.

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