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Project Overview


Role: Managing Director
As Managing Director of DAAD Solutions, I'm proud to announce the completion of a transformative project for Rovamine in the stone mining sector, encompassing three mines. This initiative showcases our capability to innovate and drive efficiency in complex industries.
Key Achievements:
ERP System Implementation: Unified operations across all mines and the head office with an ERP system, enhancing communication and efficiency.
GPS-Enabled Stone Logging: Implemented GPS Data log to log all mined stones, revolutionizing resource tracking precisely.
Electronic Archive: For all transactions in ERP.
Managerial BI Dashboards Deployment: Introduced dashboards to analyze profitability across different mining stages, aiding in strategic decision-making.
Innovative Costing Method: Developed a method to assess the profitability of each SKU and customer, guiding targeted business strategies.
Cost Analysis & Benchmarking: Traced each mine's costs against industry trends, offering a competitive edge.
P&L and Sales Dashboards: Created comprehensive dashboards using Power BI, integrated with the ERP for real-time insights.
Modules Implemented:
Payroll, Sales, Warehousing, GL, Treasury, Tax, BI
This project is a testament to our firm's dedication to delivering bespoke solutions that not only enhance current operations but also set the groundwork for future growth and innovation. It's a privilege to lead a team that consistently sets new standards in the mining sector with our cutting-edge approach.

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